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About me: Farren Phillips

Farren Phillips is an Author/Illustrator based in Scotland with a passion for making people laugh. They graduated top of the class with a Masters Degree in Children's illustration from Cambridge School of Art in 2019 and ever since has been working with publishers worldwide to create a variety of hilarious books for children of all ages to enjoy.

When not at their desk, they work at their local library, sharing their flare for wacky décor and an arsenal of silly Storytime voices. They love to travel, dress up in funny costumes, and make weird puppets in their spare time.

Humour is a primary subject in Farren's work but they also feel strongly about philosophy and frequently use morals and ethics as themes in their stories. Their goal is to create lovable characters and hilarious heartfelt stories that will stay in the readers hearts until long into adulthood.



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