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Ragtag Tumble

Ragtag Tumble is a concept for an illustrated chapter book aimed at children aged 7 to 9. 

The funny story of a Scottish 18th century pirate called Captain Elsbeth and her crew of female runaways learning the pirate life on their quest for a place in a world run by men.  From chicken mutinies to sneaking a place in the annual pirate games armed with nothing but a sack full of pudding and a fox in a hang glider, the Ragtags fight their way across the seven seas and learn some valuable life lessons along the way.

With a range of charcoal and collage, as well as expressive ink characters and illustration packed pages; Ragtag tumble is a funny, feminist and morally interesting story to inspire early readers. 

Farren Phillips 2019
Farren Phillips 2019